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Student entrepreneurship: “Novus” Club opened at NEFU


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Student entrepreneurship: “Novus” Club opened at NEFU

Photo: from the archive of NEFU Arctic Innovation Center

Another association of young entrepreneurs was established at North-East Federal University - students have been working on the implementation of copyright startups at “Novus” Club for two months.

Many students have unique innovative ideas, but they do not know where to start, according to Maria Sabaraykina, the chair of “Novus” Club, 3rd year student of NEFU Institute of Finances and Economics. "We can help with a startup. By joining us, students can find partners to implement their business projects", the chair said. The club works under the Student Business Incubator of the Federal University “Oreh”. Currently, the association consists of 36 people.

"There is an environment of like-minded people in the community, members of which promote the youth to engage in self-development, contribute to the progress of the business environment at the university. Guys have successfully participated in the organization of business quest Startup Game, Hackathons", Alyona Arkhipova, Director of the Business Incubator “Oreh”.

According to Chair Maria Sabaraykina there are such events as MovieDay - wathing startup-movies or films for general self-development and motivation, including meetings with interesting people. "We are working towards Students2Students, the aim of which is that every student can share their knowledge with other students in an informal atmosphere", she said. The students conducted independent workshops on the programming, the basics of 3D modeling on OpenSpace3D platform.

"We are open to anyone interested in the world of science and innovations. There is no need to be a resident of the business incubator or to win a grant to join the innovation environment and begin to implement your ideas", Maria Sabaraykina said.

Author: Aleksandra KURCHATOVA, NEFU Newsroom

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