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Science of M.K.Ammosov NEFU


General Characteristic of University Scientific Activity 

“Science is the best way to make the human spirit heroic”

Giordano Bruno

Number of workers with higher scientific qualification: 209 Doctors of Sciences, 845 Candidates of Sciences;

NEFU conducts fundamental and applied research in priority directions of the Program for University development:

- Provision of environmental safety and technologically efficient reproduction of mineral resources, environmental management;

- Use of science-driven technology and manufacturing in the North;

- Improving of the quality of life in the North;

- Preservation and development of the culture of the peoples in the Arctic;

- Analytical and staff support of innovative social and economic development of the North-East of Russia.



A. A. Grigoryeva, M. I. Baisheva, A. A. Sergin, Teacher Training Institute - Institute of Sports and Physical Education

A concept of educational maintenance and a model of bodily security of preschool child and preschool educational institutions in the conditions of mental terrorism have been developed. The concept is ready to introduction.


A. A. Okhlopkova, N. N. Petrova, S. A. Sleptsova, T. S. Struchkova,Ho Cho Jin, V. V. Portnyagina, A. L. Fedorov, N. V. Shadrinov, Institute of Natural Sciences  

New polymeric composite nanomaterials of antifrictional and tribotechnical appointments have been developed for operation in the Northern regions of the Russian Federation. They are protected by the patent of the Russian Federation № 2454439 «Polymeric Material of Tribotechnical Appointment» / A. A. Okhlopkova, S. A. Sleptsova, T. S. Struchkova; by the patent of the Russian Federation № 2460742 «Antifrictional Polymeric Composition» / S. A. Sleptsova, A. A. Okhlopkova, E. S. Afanasyeva, T. S. Struchkova.

A. A. Khristoforova, M. D. Sokolova, A. V. Lebedev, M. L. Davydova, N. M. Makarov, L. Y. Morova, Faculty of Road Construction - Oil and Gas Institute, SB RAS  

Nanomodified asphalt mix has been developed. It contains rubble, rubble elimination, sand, oil bitumen modified by rubber crumb, which has passed preliminary mechanical activation together with nanospinel of magnesium. Application of rubber crumb together with magnesium spinel leads to improvement of following physicomechanical characteristics of asphalt. The mix is protected by the patent of the Russian Federation № 2466161 «Nanomodified Asphalt Mix».  


A. N. Savvinova, V. V. Filippova, A. S. Fedorova, G. Е. Dyachkovsky, Institute of Natural Sciences  

The system of space and geoinformation monitoring has been developed and is experimentally investigated for results visualization of geoecological researches of the Northern ecosystems, which can be used at performance of program realization of space monitoring system and its application.  

M. V. Vasilyeva, Institute of Mathematics and Information Sciences  

Parallel computing algorithms have been developed for problems of multiphase filtration, used in modelling and monitoring of deposits elaboration of hydrocarbonic materials.  


Y. A. Akhremenko, A. K. Akhremenko, E. P. Krasnozhenov, L. A. Degtyareva, M. N. Petrova, G. A. Palshin, Institute of Medicine  

The way of preparation of acidophile product with immune complex, containing complex of three lactobacterium strains and immune complex from velvet antlersof reindeer has been offered.  

M. N. Petrova, Y. A. Akhremenko, G. A. Palshin, Institute of Medicine  

The way of probiotic preparation with hypocholesteremic effect, containing complex of lactobacteriumand phytosterols from coniferous plants of Yakutia (pine, Siberianshrubby tree, fir,larch) and brierhas been offered.  

T. M. Klimova, V. I. Fedorova, A. I. Fedorov, M. E. Baltakhinova, D. Snodgrass, W. Leonard, L. A. Tarskaya, М. Sorensen, Scientific Research Institute of Health - Laboratory of Biological Anthropology of The University of Kansas (Prof. W.Leonard, ass. Prof. L.Tarskaya, the USA); Laboratory of Evolutionary Biology of the University of Oregon in the USA (Prof. D.Snodgrass, the USA); the Director of postgraduate anthropology study of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Associate Professor M.Sorensen, the USA) 

Modern parameters of metabolic processes in indigenous population of Yakutia have been definedfor the further elaboration of regional specifications of metabolic and constitutionalparametersin indigenous population of Yakutia, monitoring of metabolic indicators, definition of the further scientific search direction.  

L. F. Timofeev, A. L. Lindenbraten, V. G. Krivoshapkin, N.K.Grishina, A. I. Rumyantseva, Scientific Research Institute of Health  

The technique of economic damage studying from disease with temporary disability (TD) and invalidity in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) has been offered. The technique is presented in the manual “Studying of an Economic Damage from Disease, Invalidity and Premature Mortality in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)”.

N. V. Zaitseva, Technical Institute in Neryungri  

The wayfor increase germinating ability of seeds, strengthening of root system development in plants, sizes of sprouts, rot proofing has been developed, which is intended to be used in agriculture, plant growing, vegetable growing, fruit growing, amenity planting, and forestry. It is protected by the patent of the Russian Federation № 2466523 «Way of Preseeding Treatment of Seeds».  

S. E. Grigoryev, M. Y. Cheprasov, A. N. Tikhonov, etc., Scientific Research Institute of Applied Ecology of the North  

Great volume of paleontologic material from territories of Tomponsky, Amginsky, Abyisky, Verkhoyansky and Ust-Yansky regions of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) has been collected and described. Studying of fossil soils has been continued, samples for the palynological analysis have been taken. The collected material on mammoth fauna of the Northern and Central Yakutia has no analogues in the world in many respects and represents a huge scientific value, and the received results of researchrepresenta considerable scientific importance. In particular, for the first time in the history of paleontology remains of a fox with soft tissues and a full mummy of collared lemming have been found.  


L. A. Pestryakova, P. A. Gogoleva, M. M. Cherosov, R. M. Gorodnichev, Institute of Natural Sciences

For the first time in territory of the Northeast of the Russian Federation, the detailed analysis of major groups of microbiota (testate amoebas, diatomic algae, cladocerans and chironomids) in lakes has been carried out. For the first time diatomic complexes met in a peat bog of the Anabar’s basin have been received. The formation age of the peatbog of 27 cm has been defined (1460 years ago). The preliminary list of taxonsin diatoms, common to peatbogs only has been revealed. The list of potential taxons of macro- and microbiota in the key sectors of polygonal tundra has been made.  

Y. M. Grigorev, V. P. Mironov, P. A. Slobodchikov, P. P. Tarasov, V. N. Tikhonov, Institute of Physics and Technologies - Irkutsk branch of Institute of Semiconductors SB RAS

The laboratory model of the device for a desintegration and preliminary enrichment of kimberlites has been created.

- The patent of the Russian Federation № 114877 on the useful model «Device for Kimberlite Decomposition»//authors V. P. Mironov, Y. M. Grigorev has been received

- The positive decision on grant of the patent of the Russian Federation has been received on the useful model of 9/29/2012 under the demand №2012130874/13 (048520 of 7/20/2012 «Desintegration of Nonhomogeneous Material»//authors V. P. Mironov, Y. M. Grigorev /

Y. M. Grigoryev, B. V. Yakovlev, V. I. Sivtsev, L.V.Savitskiy, Institute of Physics and Technologies - YAKUTNIPROALMAZ  

Recommendations about operations use of stage breaking on Enriching Factory № 3 of Mirny Mining and Processing Planthave been developed. The technological scheme with use of a scrubber-butary is offered. By results of thermodynamic calculations, concrete measures have been offered for risk reduction of green ore freezing of various sizes to metal capacities’ walls and congealing of pieces with each other.  

G. V. Shubin, A. N. Petrov, B. N. Zarovnyaev, A.D. Androsov [etc.], Faculty of Mining  

A useful model «Open Pit Side» concerning mining industry has been developed. The model can be used at opencast mining of mineral deposits, preferably in deep horizons of kimberlite tubes in conditions of the Northern cryolithozone. The patent of the Russian Federation №114340 on the useful model has been received.  

B. N. Zarovnyaev, S. L. Babaskin, I. N. Gogolev, А. Zhuravlev, A. S. Kurilko, M. D.Sokolova, Faculty of Mining - YAKUTNIPROALMAZ - Institute of Mining Affairs UBRAS - Institute of Mining Affairs of the North SB RAS - Oil and Gas Institute SB RAS.  

The technology of mountain works conducting at completion of deep kimberlite open-cast mines with stage-by-stage stocks acquisition and application of near-vertical cross-over with a road covering with addition of a rubber crumb at ore and breed transportation by articulated dumptrucks has been developed. The patent of the Russian Federation №122357 on the useful model «Crawler Dumptruck for Transportation of Rock Masses» has been received.  

N. D. Danilov, N. P. Semenova, Institute of Engineering and Technology

The way of erection ofsemi buried and surficial basements inpermafrost conditionshas been offered. It is protected by the patent on the invention of the Russian Federation №2465407.  

N. D. Danilov, A. A. Sobakin, A. A. Semenov, P. A. Fedotov, Institute of Engineering and Technology  

The node point of a wall of monolithic socle overlapping over cold and aired undergrounds has been developed. It is protected by the patent of the Russian Federation №117943 on the useful model.  

N. D. Danilov, A. A. Sobakin, A. A. Semenov, Institute of Engineering and Technology

The front modular hinged panel with facing from the sheet materials has been developed, protected by the patent of the Russian Federation № 117949 on the useful model.  

A. P. Isaev, A.N.Nikolaev, K.K.Krivoshapkin, V. E. Kardashevskaya, N. I. Borisov, N.N.Egorova, O. M. Germogenova, Institute of Natural Sciences  

Ways for accelerated restoration of a natural vegetative cover in order to restore wood territories in cryolithozone after fires have been developed.  

N. N. Grib, A.V.Litvinenko, Y. A. Shipitsyn, Neryungry Technical Institute (branch) of NEFU

Technical and technological recommendations on creation of a gas generator of underground coalgasification in the Northeast part of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) have been developed. The technology is approved by physical modelling of processes of underground coal gasification.


N. M. Kuznetsov, Y. V. Bebikhov, A. V. Samsonov, A.S. Semenov, A.N.Egorov, Mirny Polytechnic Institute (branch) of NEFU - Urban District of Mirny  

The monitoring system of quality indicatorsof electric energy for energy consumption reduction and energy efficiency upgrading in an electric equipment has been developed and introduced at Mining and Processing Plant in Mirny.

The syllabus «Quality Assurance of Electric Energy» has been developed for professional skill improvement of experts at Mining and Processing Plant in Mirny.

A. E. Mestnikov, A. G. Kardashevsky, T. A. Kornilov, Institute of Engineering and Technology  

The erection technology of power effective wall constructions with use of modified foam concrete has been developed.

An advantage of the offered technology is a maintenance of high heat-shielding properties in a monolithic wall with a preservation of sufficient durability and reliability of layers, and a technological simplicity of manufacturing.

The patent of the Russian Federation № 119769 on the useful model «Multilayered Monolithic Wall» has been received.



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