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John Anderson
Student, Guyana
Arne Campbell
Exchange student, Norway
Mike Voets
Exchange student, Norway.
Anton Ovsyannikov
Student, Ukraine.
Kang Mi Hee
Free mover, Korea.
Geneviève Perreault
Linguist, Canada.
Beate Hummel
Free mover, Germany.
Kim Hyunseok
Student, Korea.
Susan Hicks
Exchange PhD student, USA. (1981-2015)
Niko Väistö
Exchange student, Finland.
Kang Suhwan
Student, Republic of Korea.

Heather Bieber
Exchange student, Alaska, USA.
Nooa Nykänen
Exchange student, Finland.
Sébastien Gadal
Professor of Geography, France.
John Anderson
Student, Guyana.
Guo Huajian
Exchange student, China.
Michelle Cover
Free mover, USA.
Parimala Maniam
Student, Malaysia.
Daniel Wilches Rivas
Student, Colombia.
Hager Arturo Tejada Paredes
Student, Republic of Peru.
Anirgarig Chulunkhuu
Student, Mongolia.


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